Let the free-lancing begin!

I have two articles published in the latest issue of Newburgh Magazine, and it makes me excited! Last October when I left my position as a sales rep and began an unknown career journey, God reminded me of something. I can write. I love to write. I had dreams of becoming published, and I have an unfinished novel from years ago. He reminded me that I chose to put that dream on the back burner as I was trying to balance a marriage, career, and motherhood.

The epiphany came one Tuesday morning as I decided to take a break from the job search and pull my laptop up into bed with me. Determined to organize all of my files, I came across the “Personal” folder and became lost in my own words–from short stories to poetry and The Book.

“That’s it!” I proclaimed to myself. No matter where this journey leads me, I am a writer, and I will not abandon this dream, this talent, again.

Since then, I have written blogs for a doctor, created my own website and written my own blogs, entered a short story into competition, helped a couple of businesses by writing some key marketing pieces for them, been blessed with an English/journalism teaching position at Mater Dei High School and most recently been hired and published by Newburgh Magazine.

I am thankful. I am inspired. I teach, and I write. Life is good.


Published by AS You Like It 356

As a devoted wife, mom, grandma, teacher, and aspiring writer, I try to live each day with an attitude of gratitude. Currently, I am an English and journalism teacher at Mater Dei High School and serve as the school's Communications Director. My ultimate goal is to become stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically each day so that I can do what I am called to do.

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